[VrChat] Robot Wickerbeast (PC and Quest)

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This is the Robot Wickerbeast! Base design inspired by Jin A's Wickerbeast King avatar that can be found here: https://jinapark.gumroad.com/l/JinsWickerbeast?layout=profile

There are 2 variants, a normal Robo Wicker and a Furality themed Robo Wicker.

Blender files, Substance painter files and a Unity package containing everything for both variants.

Poiyomi is recommended for proper shader effects for the Robo Wicker.

Furality Aqua shaders are required for the Furality Wicker.

Preview images provided by our own robo community!

Poiyomi Shader: https://github.com/poiyomi/PoiyomiToonShader/releases/tag/V8.0.426

Furality Shader: https://past.furality.org/f5/aqua-assets

Model made by: Drakious

Textures and unity work done by: Eglantine

-File Types and File info-

Latest VRChat SDK is not included, you will have to get that and put it into the package.

Blenderversion 3.0 and up

76k Polys

4 materials with 4k textures each

Substance Painter 2021

Terms of Service:

You can-

-Modify it, absolutely destroy it, edit it as you please

-Use it for personal projects, it'll be neat to see what can be done, however credit is greatly appreciated.

-Upload public avatars for cloning

You can't-

-Make any hateful imagery and anything that can be perceived as offensive

-Take credit, cuz you didn't make it dummy

-Redistribute or resell


-Visemes, blendshapes for talking and a few expressions (MMD stuff coming in a later update)

-Fullbody Tracking

-Quest compatible versions of both variants

-Tail puppet and

-Toggles for different variations of canon Wickerbeast species

-Phys bones on the mane, ears and tail

-Unity package for both variants

-Feminine toggle

-4k textures and Substance Painter 2021 files

-Blender 3.0+ files

-Unity Package with scene set up


There will be more expressions, toggles and variations coming in future updates, so stay tuned!

I want this!

Unity Package, Substance Painter files, Blender files

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[VrChat] Robot Wickerbeast (PC and Quest)

39 ratings
I want this!