Forge Protogen

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This is the Forge Protogen!

Model made by: Drakious

Main Contact:

Textures and unity work done by: Eglantine

Main Contact:


This is NOT Quest Compatible because quest doesn't support transparent textures/materials. Sorry!

There are 3 default texture variants to play with.

Included are Blender files, Substance painter files and a Unity package containing everything.

Preview images provided by our own community!

The Poiyomi Shader is essential to the visor's transparency working correctly. Uses the latest version.
Poiyomi Shader:

-File Types and File info-

Uses latest version of the VRChat Creator Companion application.

Blender version 4.0 and up (THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT)

57k polys

2 materials

Textures made with Substance Painter 2024

Terms of Service:

You can-

-Modify it, absolutely destroy it, edit it as you please

-Use it for personal projects, it'll be neat to see what can be done, however credit is greatly appreciated.

-Upload public avatars for cloning

You can't-

-Make any hateful imagery and anything that can be perceived as offensive

-Take credit, cuz you didn't make it dummy

-Redistribute or resell


-Visemes, blendshapes for talking and a few expressions (some MMD stuff included)

-Full body Tracking

-Tail puppet

-Toggles for different variations of armor, fluff, armor color and emissive color

-Phys bones

-Unity package

-Bodytype toggles (Feminine, Chonky, Less muscular)

-4k textures and Substance Painter 2024 files

-Blender 4.0+ files

-Unity Package with scene set up

I want this!

A really cool Protogen. Unity Package, Substance Painter files, Blender files

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Forge Protogen

16 ratings
I want this!